Indiana Calcium Ear
Raiders of the Last Temple of Doom

Dear Eliza,

I hope you, mother, your wife and the kids are doing well. Has Mediat changed much without me? Haha I was feeling a bit lonely, and my thoughts turned to you all and of course him. I know I shouldn’t think of him because there’s no way in hell he’s thinking of me. I can’t help it, Winston was the love of my life. He made me feel so special, so smart, so beautiful. I’m still hurt, but I’m starting to get over him. Time heals all wounds I guess, well almost.

This has been an incredible journey for me. Livanna said that this journey wouldn’t be easy, and as usual she was correct in more ways than one. I’ve grown so much as a person out here. I’ve become stronger, stronger willed, and I’m capable of handling myself out here. It’s slowly working. After standing up for myself and fighting for my belief in someone, I could feel my scars getting smaller. I’m still in bad shape, but I think things might be getting better.

My travel companions have quickly become some of my best friends. They’ve been able to do what Winston has not. They’ve learned to accept me as Violet Vanderbilt, not the poor girl from the accident, not the poor ex-fiance of the handsome soldier, not the poor girl who lost her sister. I’m traveling with 4 boys. Jarnel, he’s the younger prince from the Island of Neqro. The hero from the Battle of the Rift. It’s really been great to find out that below the flashy exterior of a royal hero, he’s so down to anis. Victor, he’s a gnome. He’s small, and he’s funny. He’s not like those militaristic gnomes you always hear about, and I don’t think he’s in the Mourning Woodies. There’s Gilfin. He’s a merman from the north. He’s like the little brother I never had. He can get on my nerves, but he can be endearing in his own way. Then there’s Brock. He’s a deep dwarf. He’s very serious and driven, but beneath his hard exterior you can see his intelligence and his charisma. Together we’ve gone across Anis searching for things and righting wrongs in the world.

On our latest quest, we’re helping Brock find the The Hammer of Thräng. It’s a hammer that’s said to be able destroy the enemies that hide in the darkness. These enemies were destroying Brock’s people. We traveled to these Ambari ruins up in the north of Anis where the hammer was thought to reside. We managed to escape from these shamans that were guarding the ruins a number of times. We also managed to save a rival archaeologist, Joe. In fact some of my scars went away when I made it very clear that I was not going to harm him, and this trust has payed off. He told us where he thought the hammer was going to be located. After arriving at a game plan for battling against the guardians and obtaining the hammer, we left for the temple ruins.

When all of us arrived at the temple we were greeted by an enormous statue of an Ambari. Brock was able to make a door into the crypt below. We had to solve a puzzle to magically produce several torches, and these torches were responsible for opening several of the doors. Haha in fact one room was full of Galushrooms. Luckily you had worked with them in your undergarden all those years ago, otherwise I might not have known what they were. After searching through a labyrinth of doors and passages, we were actually able to obtain the hammer. I was so proud of us. We did it. As soon as we grabbed it these giant guardians came to life to try and stop us from leaving. We barely escaped the catacombs, and when we went back outside the giant Ambari statue was armed and ready to attack…

[It is at this point that Violet ran out of paper, because naturally if she was writing a letter to Eliza she would include info about this upcoming battle]

Saving Private Joe
Why yes, we're the supply caravan

How long have we been here? Its been weeks in search of the fabled The Hammer of Thräng. We have been going in circles in these woods, we have made very little progress, and all we have to show for it is this schmuck Joe, who has been passed out since we captured him. Not that I ever cared about this stupid hammer anyways. How could a weapon help solve the sickness of an entire peoples? If they werent all such fanatics they would have never been in this mess. Like their god would even care, if he were real. Did god care when I was locked away in Tidal Fortress? No, i escaped myself. Did they care when I was left for dead by Geralds men? No. Did god care when my parents left me in that coral reef to be feasted on by sharks?

Maybe its just land sickness, I’ve been out of the water for too long, but I am done caring about these people. They constantly ask me to follow their ways, to do as they do, and provide me nothing in return. If it wasn’t for this thing they put in my head I would be gone in a second, but soon I will give up anyways and let them do what they must. They must know that I’m having doubts, why else would they be out here looking for the same thing I am? definitely not a coincidence.

These green guys keep trying to put us to sleep and capture us. If they want us to leave why don’t they just kill us? there are so many of them. Part of me wishes they would… this guy Joe has been nothing but a burden. my new “friends” think he will be useful. I think he is dead weight. Their compassion for others holds them back. If the situation were reversed what do they think Joe and his men would do? If only they knew…

Hopefully we will soon have the stupid Hammer, and then I can finally make my move.

The Sitting Stones
East? I thought you said Weast!

A full day’s march from where Geoffry Smallfut had been killed by the specters, the heroes came upon four carved rocks in a strange arrangement near the path. Each rock had a different symbol upon it: the sun, the moon, a cloud and a flame. After studying it a little, Jarnell pronounced that he had seen these symbols before. They were a compass rose, representing cardinal directions, and… they had been walking the wrong direction all day.

Disheartened, the group decided to make camp for the night and start fresh tomorrow. As they sat around the campfire, Violet opened up about here family and her past, the death of her sister, the strangeness of her elven mother always expecting to outlive her half-elf children. Brock opened up his stash and taught the others how to roast marshmallows, a delicious puffy white fungus that grows in the deepest places of the earth.

During the night, a great windstorm came up and started bringing down branches and trees all around their campsite. The group made their way to a nearby clearing, where they were ambushed by a group of strange grizzled men in green. Each had long, mangy hair, with an inverted Mohawk shaved down the center. The group was easily able to dispatch their assailants, but when they tried to take one alive and interrogate him he slit his throat and died instantly. As the life left his body, the storm abated, leaving it earily quiet.

Though their nerves frayed from two nights of sleep interrupted by violent attacks, the next morning the group pressed on towards Ninithi, this time in the right direction.

Smallfut's Caravan
I *do* believe in spooks, I do, I do, I *do*

After a long day of trekking north through the wilderness toward Ninithi, the heroes and their guide Geoffry Smallfut sat down around the camp fire to eat and swap stories. Smallfut told a story about the frightening ghosts who supposedly haunt this area. Gilfin was very scared, but everyone else knew that there’s no such thing as ghosts and enjoyed the story.

That night, during Smallfut’s watch, he cried out, waking the heroes. They found him lying face down with an arrow in his back, barely alive. Though they peered into the blackness with all their might, the heroes couldn’t see who had shot him through the thick undergrowth. Gilfin and Violet went out to investigate, while Gilfin and Jarnell stayed behind to try and save their guide.

Violet and Brock didn’t have to go far before seeing the orange glow of flames. Investigating, they found a burning wagon with the Smallfut’s logo stamped on the side, blocking the path. As soon as the registered this, they were attacked by a pack of vicious apparitions! “You do not belong here” the creatures moaned, “you come only to take”. The heroes valiantly fought their way back towards each other, and were able to scatter the attackers. Thinking quickly, Brock doused the flaming wagon with an eruption of earth. Unfortunately, despite Jarnell’s efforts Smallfut had passed away in the commotion.

Gilfin, Brock, Violet and Jarnell hotly debated what was to be done. Had those truly been ghosts, or some strange manifestation of an arcane power? They creatures were ghostly, but the arrow that killed Smallfut was all too real. Though they were nervous, the party decided the only thing to do was to go back to sleep and investigate in the morning – the phantoms had been dispersed, and it was too dark to accomplish anything this night.

In the morning, they discovered several other wagons with Smallfut’s seal, containing strange, illegible documents and more silvery robes like the ones Smallfut was wearing, but little else of note. After a short ceremony, Brock folded the earth over their guide. Doing their best to follow his cryptic map, the party soldiered on, hoping that they would find what they sought at Nininthi.

Fights Into Dreams
Did anyone else have a weird dream last night?

One night, after spending a couple days in Josh waiting for Brock to return, Jarnel, Gillfin, Victor, and Violet all have a strangely lifelike dream.

Jarnel dreams about how the party was tied up and gagged in the room with Ford. A red-hooded cloaked figure searches through the bag of holding. He discovers a glowing power crystal and proceeds to use it to reactivate Ford. If he knows the blueprints to a hammer and shield. Ford replies “Ahh those belong to my counterpart, C-3POO.”

Gillfin dreams about men in long black robes meeting us on grandfather island. They take us to their small settlement and feed us and offer us limited shelter. Then the dream is over.

Victor dreams about

Violet dreams about how the party was tied up and gagged in the jungle on Grandfather Island. Before them stands a red-hooded cloaked figure crackling to himself as he makes his request to the djinn. Violet tries to scream and fight against her bindings, but cannot. A great fireball appears.

That morning Brock joins the group and is briefed about the adventure on Grandfather Island. He also learns about everyone’s dreams. He did not have a dream like they did. He tells us about how in the Great Library of Corsi, there were 3 people in black robes that were in the same section as him reading similar books. He found it to be certainly odd, but he wasn’t in any danger or anything. He wouldn’t think anyone else is researching the The Hammer of Thräng. The oldest record of the hammer is that it was made from a brilliant crystal that continuously shown in the darkness. The nocturds would never touch it. There were several legends of a leader named Geoff (or Jeff in later versions of the legend) stealing the hammer from the leader. And then afterwards he was never harmed by the nocturds. Based on what Ann (the granddaughter of Geoff) had said, she believed the Hammer was given to her aunt Nini after Geoff’s death. This leads the group to believe the hammer is located in the Ambari ruins of Ninithi.

The group takes the rectal highway from Josh to Zephyrous. In Zephyrous, the group meets an adventure guide, Geoffry Smallfut who agreed to help take us to Ninithi. The guide starts by taking us to the ruined Boreaguas and the ferry across the Lux River. ON the ferry we discussed how he had taken a group of people who were all wearing black robes to Ninithi a couple weeks ago.

We also discuss Gillfin’s involvement in the The Unseen Hand. Gillfin had evidently done something very bad, and he has been in the Unseen Hand’s service ever since. The details on his involvement still remain a mystery, but Violet, at least, is very uneasy at the lack of information he’s providing..

Things to consider for future dungeons:

Why are the guys in black robes (we believe they’re the Unseen Hand but I don’t know if that’s canon yet) going to Ninithi? We were able to get this information from Ann. Has the Unseen Hand also gotten to Ann? Or was that in some obscure Tome in the great library.

Why did the 4 members on the Grandfather Island Quest have similar dreams, and what do they mean?

Kosek's Lair
We just came in the front door; It was open.

With the sillics guarding the front door destroyed, the party was able to enter the cellar of Kosek’s lair. We entered an entry room guarded by 2 golems and a prismatic gem. Instead of hiding along the walls away from the power of the gem, people decided to stand in the middle of the room and be sitting ducks to the gem’s power. After a long and arduous fight, we were able to defeat the two golems and deactivate the gem.

We then entered the next room which was a very old series of gears. Light was filtering through, but we had to adjust the different gears in order to let the correct colors through and then open the blast doors at the end. After adjusting the first gear, we had to meet an ancient golem named Ford (also known as Animatronio). Ford was still functional, but barely. In order to power up the second gear, he needed a new crystal that was still growing in the crystal farm. However several crystals have become sillics. We were able to obtain the crystal as well as blah blah blah from the desk in the laboratory. We were barely able to escape before the sillics attacked us. We escaped back to Ford and powered him up. He was then able to help us move the second gear. We were able to move the 3rd gear and finally open up the blast doors.

On the other side of the blast doors were 5 of Kosek’s apprentices. They were very confused because they did not believe the doors ever worked. They had no idea that part of the lair existed. They asked us how we got through, and we explained how we were able to sail through the storm and arrive on the island. We just walked through the front door then. It was open. We were able to lie pretty convincingly. We also told them how we were searching for the whereabouts of Victor’s father Ben Rammus. They said they had seen a gnome a few weeks ago taken prisoner by Kosek and forced down in the prisons in the dungeon. We also learned that Kosek had set up a very small school of sorts where only the strongest arcane users can learn the power of chaos magic. They had been learning under Kosek for a few months to a couple years. They let us go through, and told us where to go to find Ben.

We left the room and went towards the funicular. However we were stopped by a guard. Gillfin stealthily killed him, and we cleaned up the body by putting it in the bag of holding. We then went down into the dungeons. In the dungeons, Violet put the guards to sleep, and Gillfin killed them. This angered the rest of the party because they were asleep and did not need to be killed. Violet was particularly affected by this. They then searched the cells until they found a crazy, broken man. He was the height of a gnome, and hid in the shadows. Victor was unsure if it was Ben, but if it was him, Victor knew there was nothing he could do for him. He was crazy, and for Victor he was nothing like his father. So we left. We wanted to find Kosek, and see if he would help Ben and restore him to his former self. After traveling back to the funicular they climbed up to Kosek’s room. Inside was Kosek.

Kosek was very impressed with how far we had made it, and he really wanted to know how we broke his defenses and entered the island, his lair, and his room. After lying a little bit, we asked him about Ben. What happened to him and if he can be fixed. Kosek said that Ben had arrived with the amulets from Ritar. He gave them to Kosek so that he can learn from him and become an apprentice. Apparently his mind couldn’t handle the chaos, and he became the crazy husk in prison. However we were able to see through this story and discover Kosek himself was an illusion cast by Ben.

Ben had defeated Kosek and locked him in prison below. He was continuing to run the school in Kosek’s stead. Victor asked why he left, and Ben replied that Victor was a relic of a life that Ben wanted no part of. Ben was still in pursuit of knowledge and power through chaos magic. He felt Victor would hold him back. He was able to teleport us back to Josh in time to meet Brock to continue our journey.

Things to consider for future dungeons: .

1) What happened to those amulets. Ben took 5 from Ishmael. These orbs have intense arcane energy locked inside. Ann has one of the amulets and is currently pouring her consciousness into the amulet to help provide information.

2) Who maintained Grandfather Island thousands of years ago. Who built the lair, Animatronio, the sillics. Who was the former master of the house. What relationship does he/she have with the djinn?

3) Ben is still running his school with his apprentices. We don’t know what their motives are, and how powerful they will become.

4) Inside our bag of holding are shards of sillic that are unrefined. Can we get those refined and make cooler weapons out of them? Also there is still a dead body inside. Perhaps we should empty that sometime.

A Storm of Our Own
"Nuke it from Orbit"

After encountering the powerful Djinn, the team decides they should take a step back and think carefully about what their one request should be before they make any rash decisions. They head back to the shores of Grandfather Island to experiment on the Silics and see if they can discover their weakness for themselves. They learn that the Silic are very sensitive to sound and sonic magic is very effective against them, but other spells and attacks seem to work as normal also. The encounter was a bit of a challenge but nothing the team couldn’t handle, so they decided that instead of helping the Kobold’s by freeing the Djinn and obtaining the mask, they would wish for a powerful Firestorm spell to destroy all of the Silics guarding the cave which Kosek, and hopefully Ben Rammus, are dwelling. The firestorm was very successful, too successful, it destroyed the entire tropical habitat and all of the Kobolds with it, but it did disintegrate all of the Silics as expected. Surprised by the power of the Firestorm, they took a moment to reflect on their decision and what could have been, but then they press forward, into the cave.

The Slippery Kobold Slope

After waking up on Grandfather Island, the team begins to recollect themselves. Violet flew, and Gilfin swam the rest of the team to the Island, saving Victor and Jarnel’s lives. Upon waking up, Victor and Jarnel realize the extent of their injuries. The team discovers a pair of small Silics on the beach. The Silics, with their sharp pointy bodies, prove to be quite dangerous despite their slow stupid movements. The team skirts by the Silics and decide to make their way to a distant collection of trails of cooking smoke. Upon reaching the smoke, the team discovers that the smoke was from a small settlement of kobolds. The team investigates the town and is captured by the Kobolds, who were hiding as the team approached. The Kobold leader decides to take them to what is claimed to be Kosek’s lair, and it turns out to be surrounded by varying to massive sized Silics. He said that he could teach the team how to smash the silics if we retrieved him a sacred mask for his settlement. The team agrees and goes to the mask, discovering it to be on a statue. The team touch the statue because riddle and the statue springs to life and reveals himself to be the powerful Djinn. The Djinn says that he can grant the team a wish or they can fight to release him. The team deliberates what to do.

A Boat for Shaemus

Brock Ironcleft decides he would like to stay in Ritar to study for more potential clue about the Hammer of Thrang while the rest of the team goes with Victor Rammus to investigate the whereabouts of his father, [Ben Rammus]. Violet suddenly emerges from the Bag of Holding being very confused about where she was, but during her meditation Livanna told her some more information about the magic orbs that Victor’s father Ben seemingly stole from Ritar, there are many more of them and they indeed have magical properties.

The team, minus Brock, set off from Corsi on a trader’s ship to [Expada], where Ben was said to last be heading to. It is estimated Ben came through Corsi on a similar route about 3 weeks ago.

Once they arrived in Expada, they set off for answers about where Ben could possibly be, but first Jarnell, Prince of Compton had some very important shopping to do. In the armor shop he asks for a chain shirt, which will somehow enhance the power of his songs. Turns out the armor salesmen has just the thing, but unfortunately it costs 10,000 gold pieces. However, Jarnell has no porblem at all whipping out 10,000 gold and paying for it without consulting his teammates at all, revealing to his new friends that Jarnell is possibly the richest person in all of Anis with 65,000 gold due to getting in on the pearl rush from 10 years ago.

After the shopping excursion, the team heads to a tavern to search for Ben, but looking for Ben only leads to hearing the same name over and over, Kosek, a powerful and seemingly evil chaos mage. Nobody will talk about him though, as if even speaking his name is forbidden. They do find one old man, who will tell them a tale of his encounter with Kosek. Kosek is holed up on Grandfather Island, probably in search of something that will make him even more powerful, and when [Shaemus] was near the island a massive impossibly horrible storm was whipped up which destroyed his ship, took his leg, and his crew. Now he just drinks in the Tavern in Expada telling his story to whoever will listen. He offers to take the team to Grandfather Island, if they provide him a boat and promise to kill Kosek for him. Jarnell, richest man in all of Anis, is reluctant to spend money on such an endeavor, so he wants to try and find a deal on a ship before spending any money on it. So he asks Gillfin where he can find captains around this time of night, and Gilfin takes them to the local brothel. Jarnell and Victor go in and pay 1 gold each for a good time, just one girl, but then they barge into the first door on the left to a captain and a wench getting it on. They angrily kick them out. Jarnell then realizes this was probably a bad idea, and they should just wait until morning when the shops are open again to buy a ship.

Jarnell is still hesitant to spend his hard earned money on a ship, he tries to convince the team to buy the cheapest ship that exists, but after Violet nags him him a hungover fit, he agrees to get at least a mediocre ship.

They set off for Grandfather Island, but as they approach, sure enough, a terrible storm kicks in. The storm destroys the ships mast before Jarnell attempts to calm the weather with a cone of cold, but that had very little effect on the fast moving wind and waters. Gilfin exits his suit and jumps into the water to try and recover the mast and fix the ship to regain control. Victor attempts to control the water around the ship and calm the storm, but the storm is too much and the ship is ripped apart knocking everyone unconscious besides Violet, who flies to safety, and Gilfin, who was already outside the ship. Gilfin signals violet to fly towars Grandfather Island while Gilfin tries to rescue Jarnell and Victor…

Ishmael's Betrayal
"I'm just crazy about bananas!"

Wondering how he could possibly know about the amulet, the group sprinted after Ishmael, who had taken off in the direction of his hut. When they entered, they found not one but two clearly insane Teiflings babbling at each other. “Give me the amulet!” yelled the new one as soon as the heroes were in.

“What?” “Why do you need the amulet?” “Who even are you?”

“I need the amulet for the bananas! Don’t you know, the amulet can turn into a million pounds of bananas, and I’m just crazy about bananas!”

Meanwhile, Ishmael just kept moaning about his lost marbles.

None of the heroes wanted to just give the amulet away without an explanation, but the strange fellow refused to give one, and then without warning he attacked.

Duels of magic are typically very interesting and very dangerous, and this was no exception. In the blink of an eye, Victor Rammus was out cold, the air was full of stinging insects and the new Teifling had been crushed in the grip of a giant stone hand.

His partner dead, Ishmael called off the fight, dissipating the insects with a wave of his hand. “Quique”, he wailed, “Oh my darling Quique. You monsters, what have you done? Oh, my marbles, I’ve lost my marbles, that traitor ”/characters/ben-rammus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ben Rammus took them and he sailed away with those pirates and now they’re gooooone. And now you’ve come back and killed my Quique ohhhhhhhhhh".

The heroes were quite taken aback by all this. They surmised that Victor’s father had come to Ishmael in search of the secrets of the chaos mages and discovered these marbles, possibly similar to the arcane gem that had been in Jarnell’s amulet. He had stolen them and fled, possibly to Expada on a pirate vessel.

The group now had a choice to make. Did they:

Brock wanted to head north, but was worried it would be a wild goose chase. Armed with his new information, he would head for Josh and its learned halls, hoping to uncover more about the history of Ninithi and the hammer. The others would pursue Ben Rammus and meet Brock in Josh in 30 days.


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