Melf Longrod



So this monk, he’s spent his whole life in theSacred Wilds . He’s 350 years old, so he’s seen some shit, but he’s also had plenty of time to attune his body through mediation. Because of this, he’s not the most charismatic of people, but to say he has an attitude, but he follows the principal of saying little and carrying a big stick, and not the metaphorical kind, like an actually oak quater staff
He’s completely neutral to a fault
Not caring to choose sides
But he does appreciate and protect the land he lives off of and he cares about those who spar, train, and live with him in the village
He takes only what he needs, but keeps a small amount of coin because he understands society outside the sacred wilds requires money
He keeps with him an old letter from a friend long passed, his master and trainer who taught him the ways of body and mind
He also has little understanding of emotions, even when it comes to pleasures of the flesh, since he outgrew those urges early in his training. As with all those in the sacred wilds, this monk does not conform to traditional gender norms, as gender is only considered when creating new life
While in the genital area he may be male, the rest of him is completely androgynous, and therefore, he’s comfortable with either set of pronouns
He understands the need for emotions from other races and creatures, and he has been known to come to anger and feel sorrow on the rare occasion, but as with his teachings and meditation, he seemingly does not have emotion. This does not mean he has no opinion though, he can rationalize his decisions, but they always adhere to what he himself thinks, hence the complete neutrality he exhibits


Melf Longrod

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