Indiana Calcium Ear

Raiders of the Last Temple of Doom

Dear Eliza,

I hope you, mother, your wife and the kids are doing well. Has Mediat changed much without me? Haha I was feeling a bit lonely, and my thoughts turned to you all and of course him. I know I shouldn’t think of him because there’s no way in hell he’s thinking of me. I can’t help it, Winston was the love of my life. He made me feel so special, so smart, so beautiful. I’m still hurt, but I’m starting to get over him. Time heals all wounds I guess, well almost.

This has been an incredible journey for me. Livanna said that this journey wouldn’t be easy, and as usual she was correct in more ways than one. I’ve grown so much as a person out here. I’ve become stronger, stronger willed, and I’m capable of handling myself out here. It’s slowly working. After standing up for myself and fighting for my belief in someone, I could feel my scars getting smaller. I’m still in bad shape, but I think things might be getting better.

My travel companions have quickly become some of my best friends. They’ve been able to do what Winston has not. They’ve learned to accept me as Violet Vanderbilt, not the poor girl from the accident, not the poor ex-fiance of the handsome soldier, not the poor girl who lost her sister. I’m traveling with 4 boys. Jarnel, he’s the younger prince from the Island of Neqro. The hero from the Battle of the Rift. It’s really been great to find out that below the flashy exterior of a royal hero, he’s so down to anis. Victor, he’s a gnome. He’s small, and he’s funny. He’s not like those militaristic gnomes you always hear about, and I don’t think he’s in the Mourning Woodies. There’s Gilfin. He’s a merman from the north. He’s like the little brother I never had. He can get on my nerves, but he can be endearing in his own way. Then there’s Brock. He’s a deep dwarf. He’s very serious and driven, but beneath his hard exterior you can see his intelligence and his charisma. Together we’ve gone across Anis searching for things and righting wrongs in the world.

On our latest quest, we’re helping Brock find the The Hammer of Thräng. It’s a hammer that’s said to be able destroy the enemies that hide in the darkness. These enemies were destroying Brock’s people. We traveled to these Ambari ruins up in the north of Anis where the hammer was thought to reside. We managed to escape from these shamans that were guarding the ruins a number of times. We also managed to save a rival archaeologist, Joe. In fact some of my scars went away when I made it very clear that I was not going to harm him, and this trust has payed off. He told us where he thought the hammer was going to be located. After arriving at a game plan for battling against the guardians and obtaining the hammer, we left for the temple ruins.

When all of us arrived at the temple we were greeted by an enormous statue of an Ambari. Brock was able to make a door into the crypt below. We had to solve a puzzle to magically produce several torches, and these torches were responsible for opening several of the doors. Haha in fact one room was full of Galushrooms. Luckily you had worked with them in your undergarden all those years ago, otherwise I might not have known what they were. After searching through a labyrinth of doors and passages, we were actually able to obtain the hammer. I was so proud of us. We did it. As soon as we grabbed it these giant guardians came to life to try and stop us from leaving. We barely escaped the catacombs, and when we went back outside the giant Ambari statue was armed and ready to attack…

[It is at this point that Violet ran out of paper, because naturally if she was writing a letter to Eliza she would include info about this upcoming battle]



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