Ambari Book

The Ambari book contains many vital pieces of information about the history of the Ambari race. The language seems to change slightly with each chapter, each one being from a different era. Only AL would have the ability to translate the early chapters that are more closely similar to the language the Ambari spoke when he was in operation.

Chapter 1. The Coming of Man

The Ambari dont seem to be natively from Anis, but from somewhere else. Their people traveled here fleeing a planet that was on course for certain destruction. The destruction was their own doing from atmosphereic pollution and endless wars, due to their advanced technology. When they arrived they vowed to start anew as a race without the assistance of their former machines and computers, leaving their only surviving colonization vessel buried deep beneath the earth forever. They decided after their generation, only 1 person will be allowed to carry their secret past with them, in this book, known as The Scribe.

Chapter 2. Generations Past

after many generation, their former lifestyle is long forgotten and the Ambari start to advance their civilization once again, erecting massive towers and cities, as well as developing religion and currency.

Chapter 3. New Struggles

With the salvation of religion, came also destruction. The ambari developed differences in opinion on religious interpretation and began massive conflicts between cities. Much was destroyed, until one of the religious interpretations survived. The Ninithians believed that god was not an untouchable invisible being, but an entity that they must work tirelessly to contact and communicate with. This is when the Ambari attempted to build a portal with which they could communicate with ‘Ahs’

Chapter 4. Creation

Some of the Ambari began to lose hope on finding god, and instead began to attempt to create one. Using lots of magic and energy they managed to create Ahs, Sha, and the being you know as The Caller. The Caller was their masterpiece and a religious following developed around it which eventually evolved into the Kealoth. Ahs and Sha were seen as failed experiments and cast out from Anis to dimensions unknown using the KT Delks

Chapter 5. The War

with the religion split again between followers of The Caller and those still searching for the true god, a great war which would destroy an entire species broke out. The Followers of The Caller began construction of a great weapon that would be able to destroy entire cities with a single volley, the Devastating Incineration Long-range Destruction Oscillator (D.I.L.D.O). It is assumed that this weapon was fired resulting i the destruction of all Ambari-aside from those far north in Kaelvorthakis, who had since evolved for the cold client and now call themselves Kaeloth. Whether or not they are the ones who fired the DILDO, or where it is, is not known, the record ends here as the scribe died in the destruction also.

Ambari Book

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