Charlotte and Eliza

Charlotte and Eliza are Violet’s sisters. Charlotte was the oldest, then Violet and then Eliza. Charlotte was the vice mayor of Mediat under Thaddeus Radcliffe III. Unfortunately Charlotte and TR3 were both murdered by Mourning Woodies during their attacks. Violet and Eliza were devastated by the death of their sister.

Charlotte was the most like her father of the sisters. She was a successful merchant and politician. She was well respected in Mediat, and her death (along with TR3) was a great shock to the people of Mediat.

Eliza was the most like her mother of the sisters. She was the town botanist. She used her magical abilities to grow exotic plants that were found nowhere else on Anis. She was also able to create plant hybrids with several useful properties. These properties would often go into Violet’s potions. Eliza married Sonya, an elf from the Sacred Wild. They share a passion for nature and plants, and they can often be seen hiking and adventuring together. They adopted two young half elf children when they were babies: Maximilian, and Reginald.

Eliza is conflicted with her feelings about Violet. She loves her and wants her to be happy. She disagrees with her need to fix her condition. To her, Violet is still the wonderful beautiful person she always was. She just looks like she had a bad accident. She never really liked Winston anyway. She definitely feels a twinge of jealousy at Violet leaving Mediat for an adventure while she has to stay and provide a livelihood for the whole Vanderbilt clan. That combined with the fact she lost one sister. She’d be devastated if she lost another.

Charlotte and Eliza

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