Council of Lek

The Council of Lek is the central body of government for the continent of Anis. It is made up of 15 leaders, fourteen of which are the mayors of their city-states. The council has been responsible for creating a centralized economy, creating the rectal highway, and bringing the nations of Anis closer together. At the start of the campaign, Hillary Trump was elected president of the council. The members of the council are:

Halflings – Zephyrous; Representative: Ica
Ica is the oldest of the three sisters that rules over the Halflings. She is knowledgable in the ways of economics and diplomacy and is generally in favor of policies that favor trade. She knows Representative Radcliffe very well having worked together during her stint in Mediat. She also tends to side with the Joshites because of her sister Iza’s influence. Although not really a republicrat, she does see that they have valid points and would not mind seeing more power in the hands of the Halflings, but her ties to the Joshites and Mediatans keep her from siding with the republicrats

Humans – Josh; Representative: Rogan Master Templar of the Order of the Bear
Rogan is looked upon by the people of Anis as a hero. He also founded the Ternions who, for the most part, are looked up to and admired by the people of Anis. He is a major enemy of the criminals of Anis including the Coprophagia and the Zashaists, and he will enact policies to be tough on crime. Rogan is also in favor of increasing the role of a centralized government believing that uniting the cultures of the world will lead to greater technological and economic advancements

Tieflings – Ritar; Representative: Rita
Rita is one of the most opinionated members of the council, and one most prone to action. She wants to see a bigger Tiefling influence on the world stage, particularly because she felt left out and excluded during the battle of the rift. She will support legislation that is pro trade and manufacturing. Because she views the Council of Lek as a way of accomplishing major tasks quickly on a global scale, she is in favor of a stronger central government. She personally does not like Corsius because he favors patience, inaction, and a smaller central government.

Tieflings – Corsi; Representative: Corsius
Corsius is viewed as a respected elder. He split away from Kilrut and Zherdon all those years ago in order to have a more harmonious tiefling civilization. He is not impulsive like Rita and will look at all sides of an issue before arriving at a decision. He generally tries to stick to the status quo. He is a republicrat, because he believes that a strong central government will hurt the city state of Corsi. He views Rita as a brash youngster who will make some bad decisions due to her impatience.

Humans – Elordan; Representative: Hilary Trump
During the decline of Elordan, Hilary came up with the idea of playing games to win money. Thus she invented the first casino. She built a casino and hotel and acquired a vast fortune. She became the richest person in Elordan after the death of the Baron. She used her vast wealth to buy gangs and mercenaries to take care of her opponents. She is a major force of opposition to Rogan. After the accidental death of the merfolk teenagers, Trump uses this cause to create anti-ternion legislation. She is well financed by the crime syndicates of Lek and Elordan. She ran for president on a platform of strengthening the central government and was narrowly elected president over Zareth

Trolls – Fid; Representative: Blark
Blark is the strongest of the Fid trolls. He is not exactly sure what a government does, but as long as there’s tirds, and poopatz he’ll be happy. If he finds out a policy isn’t very good for Fid he will try and kill the person who suggested it. He also hates Karg, so he will always vote opposite of Karg on every issue.

Dwarves – Tethir; Representative: RuGel
No one is exactly sure if RuGel is a high pitched male or a bearded girl, and overall no one on the council really cares. RuGel will serve as a calming influence on the council. (S)He is often a swing vote on legislation and can be persuaded if an argument is strong enough. RuGel tends to side with the Republicrats because of the lack of dwarf representation. She views the Joshites, Halflings, and Merfolk as the races most likely to come up with a cure for Nekromydia, and therefore will want to work with them as much as possible.

Trolls- Lek; Representative: Karg
Karg is much smarter than Blark. He understands that a government is a group of people that decides things. And he wants to be a decider. His main legislative goals are more poopatz and more shinies. He still struggles with the tird currency. He hates Blark and will always vote opposite of Blark on every issue.

Merfolk (Elexa) – Feltlef Sea; Representative: Suvee Johnson
Suvee Johnson is Doc Johnson’s daughter. Suvon spoke to her throughout her life and she became the leader of the Order of Suvon. She was devastated when Suvon died but used his knowledge to help advance the Merfolk. She was arguably the person who did the most to create the merfolk mech suits. She naturally will align with the Lizards and her father, but that doesn’t mean she won’t disagree with them. Of the three, she is the must republicratic. After the accidental deaths of the merfolk teenagers in Lek, she along with Hilary Trump rally for stronger regulations on the Ternions, a policy her father does not agree with. She will naturally support legislation that allows for further technological advancements.

Lizards (Durex) – Durex River Bank; Representative: Iggy Luzo
Iggy grew up and spent his whole life on the Durex River Bank. He didn’t know much about the world outside of the river and Portland until the battle of the great rift. Centaurs rode through their lands asking them for help. He noticed it took a very long time to travel to Lek on foot from the Durek river bank. So he decided that the world should be connected by waterways rather than foot travel. It’ll make visiting civilizations easier. Iggy spearheads the rectal highway building and is named the leader of the Durex. Because Iggy made travel by highway possible, he feels that the world is closer than ever and therefore the world needs a strong centralized government to make decisions.

Lizards & Merfolk – Portland; Representative: Doc Johnson (who is an Elexa)
Doc Johnson is probably the most respected member of the council. He believes the central government is going to unite the people of Anis just like Portland united the merfolk with the lizards. He will often lead the discussions on policy. Doc Johnson will almost always be a swing vote, so most discussions are spent trying to persuade Doc Johnson to support one side or the other.

Centaurs; Representative: Frobel
Frobel is also looked at as a hero due to his involvement in the battle of the rift. Frobel, like Rogan, puts forth legislation that will be tough on the crime syndicates. However, unlike Rogan Frobel feels too much power is being invested into the central government. He feels that the government is ineffective in curbing the mounting crime and devastation being performed by the Zashaists and believes the only way to stop them is to have stronger power in the hands of the local leaders. Frobel will often serve as Livanna’s voice in the council as well.

Half Elves – Mediat; Representative: Thaddeus Radcliffe IV
Thaddeus Radcliffe IV is the great grandson of Thaddeus Radcliffe I. He was among the first humans from Elordan to sail to their settlement along the Tideless Reef. Thaddeus Radcliffe I died not long after his son was born because he was caught sailing in a storm on the tideless reef. His son Thaddeus Radcliffe II was the mayor of Mediat, and because half elves have exceptionally long life spans, he was still alive after the battle of the rift. He as well as his son Thaddeus Radcliffe III were murdered by members of the mourning woodies. Thaddeus Radcliffe IV took over as mayor of Mediat (none of the other half elves wanted the job for fear of being assassinated). Radcliffe IV was a prosperous trader in Mediat and an expert sailor. He would sail from Portland to Corsi trading goods and bringing prosperity to Mediat. He believes that a strong central government is going to be best for bringing people together and trading. He will generally align with Ica, Rogan, and Iggy on issues. While Frobel and Thaddeus can come together on certain issues, they personally do not like each other because of Frobel’s aloofness and his closeness to Livanna. Frobel thinks Thaddeus is too obsessed with trade and that he isn’t embracing the elvish side of his heritage.

gnomes – The Arbourette; Representative: Zareth
Zareth is the leader of the gnomes. He is a major republicrat. He wants to see more power in the individual civilizations. He also is a staunch opponent of Rogan and the Joshite Ternions. He ran for president, but narrowly lost to Hillary Trump.

Humans – ???; Representative: Maximus Benjamin. Not much is know about him. He seemed to come out of nowhere to appear on the council, and was almost elected president of the council. He has connections to the Red Skulls gang.

Council of Lek

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