Morin and Eric

Long ago there was a dwarf prince named Morin, son of King Moros of Tethir. Morin was the youngest of 6 sons, and though his chance at the throne was slim, he was his father’s favorite, due in part to his skill in geomancy.

At that time, it was customary for a dwarf of noble blood to travel to the surface on his or her 40th birthday, as a coming of age ceremony (recall that dwarves are quite long-lived). They would travel throughout Anis for a year with an older advisor, learning about the other races and the way things are. Well, 8 months into Morin’s journey he found himself in the mountains of Josh, where he came upon a party of humans celebrating the birthday of Prince Eric of Josh. Morin, who had always had a fascination with human culture and had a room full of human artifacts, was smitten, it was love at first sight. But before he could get to the humans a great earthquake came out of nowhere! Morin used his geomancy to save the party, but Eric was knocked out by a falling rock and the other humans drove off the dwarves, assuming that their stone magic had started the earthquake in the first place. Morin continued on his way, but he never forgot the beautiful Prince Eric.

Upon returning home, Morin became all money and angsty. Sure he had plenty of whatsits and thingamajigs, but he wanted moooore! Finally, he he went in search of a famous creature if the deeps, an enchantor of incredible power named Ishmael, who was rumored to live deep in the tunnels beneath Tethir. Soon Morin became hopelessly lost in the darkness, but was guided by strange dancing lights to an eerie cave. There he found Ishmael, who agreed to transform him into a human female in exchange for Morin’s butthole, said to be one of the most tender in Tethir. However, if he couldn’t get a kiss from Eric within 3 days, he would turn back into a dwarf and be Ishmael’s sex slave for the rest of his life. Morin agreed, and was transformed into a beautiful redhead and transported to Josh.

A young dwarf on the surface (wide eyed, excited, naiive)
Morin before Ishmael (making a deal with the devil)

Morin and Eric

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