The Unforgotten King

King Erk Goldfoot, also known as the Unforgotten King, was born into the royal family. But, when he was young there was a coop lead by his cruel and incompetent uncle, Valin Bronzetoe, that killed Erk’s father the king. They would have killed Erk too but for the heroic sacrifice of his nanny, Miln, who died getting him out of Tethir.

Erk spent many years in the deeps, hiding from the patrols of the evil Bronzetoe, building his strength and an army to throw out Bronzetoe. However, Erk found he liked being a renegade king, and found he had no desire to return to power. He set up a shadow court at Gramgol, and forgot all about Tethir. It took his childhood friend and crush, Barrin, coming to Gramgol and pleading with him to undo the disastrous economic policies of Bronzetoe for him to be moved.

Erk Goldfoot gathered his host and marched them across the bridge of Fellglow, their weapons gleaming in the magma light. Full of pride and valour they appeared outside the gates of Tethir. Erk stood before the gates and let loose a mighty cry, and the Dwarves knew him as their true king, and they threw open the gates and led Goldfoot to Bronzetoe’s throne room for single combat, as is sometimes the way with Dwarves.

From the throne room their contest moved, down to the deepest, hottest forge and up to the icy peaks above. It is said their hammers crashed against each other for 6 hours, neither side tiring or making a single mistake. Finally, Goldfoot managed to get the upper hand, knocking Valin over in the flickering brazerlight of the Temple of Nekrojakulus. But as Bronzetoe realized his doom, he gave the secret sign and his crony jumped out of the shadows and stabbed Erk in the back. Fortunately he was bad at stabbing (or perhaps Nekrojakulus stayed his hand), and Erk was able to smite both of the treacherous wretches before collapsing himself. It took Erk a year and a day to recover, and in all that time the Dwarven people went veiled and clothed in black as in mourning, but then he got better and everything was grand for the rest of his long reign.

Important moments:

  • Erk Goldfoot before the gates of Tethir (when you stand up for what’s right many will join your cause)
  • The sacrifice of Miln (lay down your life in a small but daring way for your betters)
  • Valin Bronzetoe in the brazerlight (to dishonorably resort to treachery instead of accepting defeat)
  • Erk Goldfoot crossing the Fellglow (to be full of righteous pride and valour)

The Unforgotten King

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